About nothing and everything.

About nothing and everything.

Chapter 1  

I love my life, but it just wants to be friends…

Song of the day : I will survive by Gloria Gaynor.

Life is a bitch. I found out that the hard way. I never stole anyones pencil neither did i punch someone in the face then why is life being such a vengeful bitch to me ? . three years I have been trying for three fuckin years , but still its no use I have done everything from cram schools to pulling all nighters ( or in my case i have been doing it for three years , I am practically insomniac ) but i still cant clear the stupid exam.  Ever since i was little i was brain fed that I was  going to be a doctor , but no one told me how? . I am a 21 year old stay at home (atleast thats what i call myself ) still preparing for my college entrance exam ordinary girl living in the one of the most chaotic and dangerous third world country (if u watch CNN or Fox you would have guessed by now) called Pakistan . Living in a small city called Abbottabad which is known for its beauty and being the hideout of   the guy who wielded the weapon of mass destruction , yes my friends I am talking about Osama Bin laden the guy who puts Chuck Norris to shame . Its amazing how much a single night can change , two years ago no one knew about this place and now everyone knows about this place thanks to Mr Laden for those fireworks at night that the whole city got to witness and especially since our house was just a few blocks away it was really fun seing all that fire and explosions at 2 in the mornining . And then started the media circus with the whole media wandering the small city that we call our home it was ironic how one of the TV channels I wont say the name .. Okay it was BBC  showed the images of an old high school as Osama’s compound . so long story short our city became famous , even the white house was talking about Abbottabad , Okay not in a good kind of way but u get my point. So the locals over here call our city the mini London, because of its beauty and its cold weather . Everyone in my family loves this city (according to my big brother its a mini heaven on earth ).  See even Osama liked it here so much that he decided to bulid a compound here in the most well hidden  places one could never even imagine. The main road . Yes  i am not joking it was on the mainroad just a few blocks away from my home. So as I was saying that even Osama liked it here but I dont . I finished my highschool three years ago but couldnt get into a med school . Alas! The fate of a girl born in a  Pathan family . The moment I was born my father looked at my face and said ; Shes going to be a doctor ! I am not kidding you can ask my mom . So after the 3rd time failing the ETEA test my parents gaveup on the idea of getting me into a med school and i am now preparing for a private law school. All my classmates are already in universities of their choice and are almost done with their bachelors and I am still waiting to get accepted by any university that would have me. its not that I am dum I was not an exceptional student but i was good at my studies. Its just that in Pakistan money talks if you have money you can get anything you want . Which brings me to D day I was sitting by the window of my room on my plushy with my cat Sir Shitalot in my lap snoring the little cat snores that he does without a worry in the world. A week ago i gave the NAT exam and was waiting for the results with my laptop in front of me on my makeshift coffee table . I have been looking at the screen for an hour now . As time was passing by i was getting more and more anxious because of my previous record getting nervous was a given . I have been rejected by almost every med school in the country , and with the enormous amount of rejection letters I can even build a gigantic paper castle if i want . My best friend even told me to try for the Guinness , the worlds most rejected in a year I have definitely set that record by now. After a while of reloading  the screen again and again it appears on the screen my name , I cant believe my eyes is it for real… it is my name but how is that even  possible ? , I know my dad has been waiting in the study for a while and he ‘s even more anxious than me about my result so he comes rushing to my room. Any news Zaru beta? he asks . After looking at my shocked face he walks across my room quietly and stands beside me and takes a look by himself . That’s the moment I have waited for a long time as soon as he sees 98 percentile written beside the name Zara Iqbal . A smile spreads across his face , he picks me up and takes me in a big bear hug swinging me around like a little child . I knew you could do it ! I knew it ! my shehzaadi is finally going to a law school , who cares about a med school I am going to make you a barrister, he says with cheerfulness . The moment i lift my head and see the look on his face, I see it, the one thing i wanted see the most in the world apart from Namsan tower . Pride I see pride in my dads eyes he is proud of me. Since i was a little girl I have been the baby of the house and daddies little girl i always wanted to make him proud , because that’s what I am . I am the pleaser of his three children . Thats when the water works starts. I start bawling with my head to my dads chest . After all that struggle and  misery finally my efforts have paid off . I am going to Law school .

Iqbal house is  in a festive mood today. Everyone in the house is in a mood for celebration . In a house of engineers finally their youngest daughter has been selected for one of the most honorable law schools in country . So without a doubt there’s going to be a party. Mr Iqbal who is an electrical engineer worked for the government as an officer at  WAPDA (water and power development authority ) till sixty , after his retirement he started a consultancy firm with one of his old friends and that’s when things kicked off for him . He was a smart man and was good at what he did so of course he was bound to get the international projects as well. Now he is thinking of expanding and is getting all projects from the Chinese . His eldest son Asad , also his biggest accomplishment , he is the smartest one in the family ,  went to one of the most prestigious university in Pakistan NUST  and studied electronics engineering  there . Works in a multi national company earns well ,owns a car and his own luxury apartment in Islamabad. Good looking you know what every Pakistani girl wants for a rishta the tall ,dark and handsome element plus he is a Nustian that adds up to his charms  . Unlike some of us he actually wants to study more  and is planning to leave for USA for further studies. Both father and son are sitting in the living room busy discussing whether they should invite the whole family or not. Being the closest to his little sister Asad  knows she wont like a huge party just some close friends and family would do so they decide on a small family  barb q  in the honor of their little Zara for finally getting into a good university. Mr Iqbal is so happy that he calls all his friends to boast in front of them about his precious daughters achievement. He is on the seventh cloud  if he could he would bring the whole world and lay it at his daughters feet . His wife was his first love he saw her at the grad school and instantly fell in love with her and sent his parents with the proposal at her house for her hand in marriage . He had never seen a woman so beautiful in his life , she was the love of his life and later became his wife . That is until his daughter was born , after giving birth to his two sons Saba Iqbal gave birth to their daughter. The moment he laid eyes on his little girl it was like his world has changed he never thought he could love a woman more than his wife but now he knew this was gonna change . He felt like his heart was aching with love for her she was so small so fragile she was his angel and he felt extremely protective of her .Although they say a new born baby has no facial expressions but he swore that he saw her smile mildly at him like an angel. He knew in that moment that he would do anything to keep that smile on her face forever , that feeling of unconditional love only a father could feel for his child.

To be continued…..                                                                                                              P.S  writers note (the quirky big brother , three best friends and the first love coming in the next chapter)

See you in the next chapter , Keep on reading ….